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I wanna chain fish for shiny Feebas but I found a few other Pokemon while fishing, does that break your chain?


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It shouldn't break your chain.

These actions will cause the chain to break:

  • Reeling it in too late / early. You must encounter a Pokemon every time.

  • Equipping Skates / Bicycle.

  • Moving from your spot.

  • No bite (use a Pokemon with Suction Cups / Sticky Hold ability in the first party slot to reduce the chance of this).

  • Ending the game / switching the 3DS off.

Source: http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/60943/t1916896-how-to-chain-fish/

Hope I helped!

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Thanks! Caught a shiny Remorard (pardon if I spelled wrong) :D
What about just putting the 3ds in sleep mode?
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Fishing up a diffrent Pokemon doesnt break the chain however not fishing up a Pokemon at all will break the chain.

So get a Pokemon with Suction Cups as your leading Pokemon to prevent this from happening quite often.

>If a Pokémon with Suction Cups is the leading party Pokémon, the chance of hooking a Pokémon during fishing increases