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Simply pick a spot and use any rod.

These actions will cause the chain to break*:

Reeling it in too late/early

No fish biting (use a Pokemon with Suction Cups / Sticky Hold ability in the first party slot to reduce the chance of this)

Loading/reloading a map

Entering a building

Using Fly

Ending the game / switching the 3DS off

These actions will not cause the chain to break*:

Running from battle

Catching/Fainting the Pokemon

Fishing up a different Pokemon

Using Potions / Repels / PP restore from menu

Using a different fishing rod

Equipping the Bicycle / Dowsing Machine / Skates

Moving to another spot on land (within the same map)

Encountering other Pokemon in grass.


Crossing a map boundary as long as it does not involve doors and/or loading a map. (e.g. it is okay to move along the coast of Cyllage City, Lower Route 8, Ambrette Town)

Using Surf and Waterfall

Moving from land to water using Surf

Moving on water

Encountering Water Pokemon by moving on water

Using Rock Smash

Encountering Pokemon from the Rock Smash


Saving the game (but this doesn't matter because the chain breaks if you switch off the game, so you can't load a save file that maintains the chain).

Closing the 3DS lid (sleep mode)

Pressing the home button (suspended game)

*A Summary on how this information was verified:

Started with a fishing record of 5 consecutive.

Fish 6 consecutive times

Perform the alleged action that will break the chain

Fish another 2 consecutive times

Check against the fisherman in the fishing shack on Route 16

If he reports 6 as the longest chain, then the action that was investigated breaks the consecutive chain. If he reports 8 as the longest chain, then that action does not break the chain.

Source: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/144351/how-does-chain-fishing-work

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