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I just started chain fishing I lost count but I think I might be in the 20s or 30s and all I have been doing is fishing never moving or opening the menu and battling whatever there is to fight and I haven't caught a shiny is there something I'm doing wrong

If your chain's gotten that high, you aren't doing anything wrong. You're just unlucky.

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You aren't doing anything wrong. It takes longer to chain than you think.


  • Have a fainted Pokemon with Suction Cups in the front of your party to increase chance of hooking. Inkay does this job quite well.
  • Keep track of the number. 40 caps the shiny chance at 1/200, and 30+ grants higher IVs on your Pokes. If you want that perfect Clawitzer... good luck.
  • Fish in an enclosed area. Enclosed areas are better for fishing.
  • Pack a good lot of Poke Balls. 15-30 should do you quite nicely, just in case that shiny escapes your grasp. 15 times.
  • REALIZE THAT CHAIN FISHING IS A TEDIOUS PROCESS. If you get frustrated, too bad! It's a long and tedious (and pointless) process to get a shiny.


  • Do anything that breaks the chain. Here is what breaks the chain. Don't follow this list and you die.
  • Give up at any time before a chain of 55. Unless you don't want to chain fish anymore. The cap shiny chance is still 1/200. That's still .5%. The odds are not in your favor still, but would you rather have 1/4096? That's .002%.
  • Get too mad. Don't throw your 3DS (or 2DS) at a wall. Don't smash it into the ground. Don't stab it with your stylus. As I said, it is a long and tedious process. Same with PokeRadar chaining. At least you don't have to deal with the grid.

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Lol thank you that was an incredible answer just what I was looking for thanks for the link and will try not to throw my 3DS.
No matter what I'm doing I always have at least 50 kinds of Pokeballs only because I'm afraid I might screw up and have all my Pokeballs break. ;-;
What is an enclosed area?
An area surrounded by rocks and walls and other fun schtuff.