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The higher the level on the DexNav on the Pokèmon, the better chance of finding your shiny. It's simple:

  • Go into the grass and the Pokèmon that you have already caught are registered. For this example, I will be in Route 101 in OR, trying to find a Zigzagoon.

  • Click on the Pokèmon sprite on the DexNav, there you will see several things:

      - The Search Level (mine is 47)
      - Pokèdex button, to view the Pokèdex's entry
      - The Name (Zigzagoon)
      - The Type (Normal)
      - The Search button
      - The Stars (Perfect IVs)
      - Held Item
      -  Moves (They can't usually learn some moves not native to them)
  • Click the Search button continously until you see arrows that point like > <, >> <<, or >>> <<<. This indicates how far you are from the Pokèmon. Creep on it until you reach it's shadow.

  • Reapeat.

However, this is quite a long process, but it's a better way of finding shinies, unlike the Pokèradar thing in XY.

When you see a ! that means that you have found something special in the Pokèmon. It could be:

  • 3 stars (3 perfect IVs)
  • An unusual item held by it
  • Unusual moves that the Pokèmon can't learn
  • A Pokèmon not native to Hoenn or the area


  • Never run away from a Pokèmon's shadow. You might not know if it's a shiny or not.
  • Try and try again! It might take a while, but the prize is rewarding.
  • Collect several Pokèmon. I don't know why this is helpful, because most Pokèmon are way under leveled than yours, but it's better to be careful than to be sorry!
  • Always catch Dittos on it's Mirage Island.

With these steps and tips, you will be able to find some shinies!
Have fun shiny hunting!

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