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So I read here about the probability of a forced shiny in a DexNav chain. But I saw the chart and it was missing the information for no shiny charm and 50 or 100 spot in the chain. I don’t have the shiny charm, and I’m considering DexNav for Feebas (as I suck at chain fishing), and I want to know the percentages for no shiny charm at the 50 and 100 spots in the chain. Thank you in advance.


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By the looks of it, the math you need is all on that page. The math is as follows

1 - (1 - (y {Target Value}/10^6))^w {5 or 10 depending on place in chain} x (((1 - (y/25 /10^6)) ^4))

The following is a google sheet with all the data you want, made by me. I choose to do the link rather than formatting a table here out of convenience.


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Neat. Thank you!!!