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I know Pokemon genders are not useful at all, unless you are making an attract sweep or for breeding, but why are there some Pokemon that have higher gender ratios than the other?

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Only Game Freak knows for sure

Really they only know for sure, but I have my theory. They wanted them to be unique. It would be really easy if all Pokemon were a 50/50 ratio and has GameFreak made things easy with breeding as it is? Also think about the world, every country has a different male to female ratio and so do Pokemon. This is just my theory as I'm not GameFreak.

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This is because some Pokemon cannot be the other gender.

Gamefreak wanted it this way. They wanted Braviary to be only male maybe as a representation to America as a fatherland, and Mandibuzz to be female as a representation to the Amazon.
But there's no real reason other than of course,

Gamefreak Logic.

Hope I helped!

They probaley did do the Braivery and Mandibuzz's gender ratio like that