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I was looking for a Golurk with brave nature, but I could only find ones with about 5 different natures, none of them brave. Was I just unlucky?


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Nope. It's random. However, here are ways to get a Brave Nature you want on Golurk:

Breeding With Everstone.

If a parent holds an Everstone, then there is a 100% chance that the mother's nature will be passed down to the baby Golett. Source.


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A Pokemon with Synchronize placed in Party Slot 1, such as Abra, the chance of encountering a wild Pokemon with the same nature as Abra will be 50%. So, if you catch a Pokemon with Synchronize with a Brave Nature, put that in your lead slot and you have that higher chance.

Source: Experience and above links.

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Im screwed
Let's make that team.
But im on tablet cant make team on it
I'm trying to make an ultimate golurk, with brave nature and shiny, so I'm doing the masuda method, and I'm really worried the shiny will have the ability klutz, because its like the worst ability ever.
Shiny doesn't make a difference in stats tho o3o
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natures are completely random

Of course natures are random, what stupid question is this?

however, if you breed, and one of your Pokemon is holding an everstone, the parent with the ever stone will pass its nature down to the offspring

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No, all Pokemon has the same chance of having the same nature as all others, no one Pokemon will have a better chance than another

Source: I answered this question before xD

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No its completely random.
Source Experience

Ps Bad Luck