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I've been obsessed with the DexNav for as long as I've had Omega Ruby, and I've been starting to notice something odd. As my chain has increased, the Pokemon I've caught have had better and better natures. For example, at a chain of about 20, I caught a Brave Shiny Machop, which is one of the best natures it could have. I also found an Adamant Skarmory with Brave Bird at a chain of 10 or so, and I found a Jolly Zangoose at a chain of 12. Has this happened to anyone else?

I bet that was just a coincidence.

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No. Natures are still random. I've been chaining Petilil, Ralts, Minccino +more up to 100+ and their natures were no 'better' for their species than at 20+.

The only things you are more likely to get at higher chain are: higher level, egg moves, hidden abilities, shininess.

Source: experience.

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Alright. Thanks!