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Finding a shiny Pokemon chance is 1/8192 but it's been reduced to 1/4096.
I don't know what the shiny encounter rate is and how would I calculate the rate withthe shiny ccharm?


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The shiny charm changes the rate of getting a shiny by +2/8192 in Gen5 and 2/4096 in Gen 6.
And the formula for horde shininess is just the shiny chance multiplied by 5.
For each individual Pokemon with a shiny charm, this would be a 3/4096 chance.

5(3/4096) = 15/4096
Or, with a numerator of one, 1/273.0666666666...

Source of Formulas and shiny charm increase: Guy in the comments

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Are you sure? Wouldn't the shiny charm increase the odds for each individual Pokemon?
5(1/4096) + 5(2/4096) = 5(3/4096) = 15/4096 = 1/273 chance per battle
I hardly run into hordes, so I wouldn't really know, but this seems more logical to me. Unless you can list an actual source, there is nothing to say that your answer is correct.
Yes. Yes it would.
Well you can change your source from "Experience" to "Guy in the comments" now :)