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I've been going for a shiny rowlet for a couple months now but everytime my 5 eggs hatched (using mesuda method) i've been releasing them does this still count as an Pokemon towards the odds or not

like as soon as I get my rowlet can I straight away release it?

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Why are you concerned about "encounters"? Are you doing swap breeding or something like that?

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Yes, you can release the Rowlet whenever you like. It will not affect your chances of getting a Shiny Rowlet.

I don't think you've understood how probability works. There is no such thing as a Pokemon "counting toward the odds". Each Pokemon you encounter is not ticking down on some timer that will spit out a Shiny when it hits zero. Shiny hunting is random (at least, as random as a computer can make it).

All you are doing is repeatedly trialling the 6/4096 chance you have of getting a Shiny on any particular encounter. None of your encounters are guaranteed to give you a Shiny, no matter how many encounters you do; you just have to keep trying and see if you get lucky. (Are you ever guaranteed to roll a six on a die? No, but if you keep rolling it, it'll "probably" happen eventually -- same principle applies.)

There is a rigorous process called binomial probability that will tell you how likely you are to have at least one Shiny after x number of encounters, but even that makes no guarantees. You could do 100,000 encounters, and there'd still be a tiny fraction of a chance that you don't get a Shiny. The good thing is that's exceedingly unlikely.

One thing you can be sure of, though, is that releasing Pokemon won't affect your odds of getting a Shiny.

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