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Because I know turning it off resets the catch combo in LGPE but I’m not sure about shield

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According to a comment on another site it will though i am skeptical of this
how do you check encounter chain? i could answer if i could check.
I dont think you can see it
oh. well, i’m gonna try some things out.

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I believe it does not. It isn't a chain at all, it's a static number of how many of that Pokemon you faint. Therefore, shutting off the Switch will not affect it.

Source: This topic I created.

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Specifically:How To Shiny Chain In Sword And Shield
Did you not read that at all?

FlappersFlappers literally said that it was something people thought, until dataminers figured out otherwise. Therefore, that article was probably written before, when people thought the method existed. I would recommend you listen to people, because sometimes, you know, they’re right.
@FlappersFlappers @~MegaCharizardY~ Thanks for sticking up for my answer. Appreciated.
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Oooh now I get it sorry lol