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Like if a cave or building has 3 floors, are you allowed to catch a Pokemon on each floor, or just one, of whatever floor you want(repel away the other Pokemon on other floors to get to the floor needed)

Okay, okay, I'll do one per place, not floor. The only ones I could think of were MT Pire, Victory Road, Cave of Origin and Granite Cave.
Also its your choice this is just my opinion lol
There is no official rule. Nuzlockes are not an official Pokemon thing. They were invented by the fanbase and don't really have official rules. You can do whatever you want.
Okay, I will, I'll do if it has multi-floors each floor counts as a location.
Usually every time the name of the locations you are in changes then you can catch another, but it's your choice

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Alright, so there are various methods you can do. For this matter, I'm going to be using granite cave as an example, because I believe that's the first accessible split-level area. I am going to outline some methods that you can do, and that are quite common.

The one encounter per area rule

This rule is quite simple. It sounds like what it is. Per area, you can only catch one Pokemon. Split levels are irrelevant.

The one encounter per floor rule

Pretty simple. You just catch one per floor, and if you're playing with dupes clause, you might be able to snag some different things. Otherwise, you get what you get.

The different encounters per floor rule or the Pinwheel rule

Basically, IF there is a chance of there being a different encounter, no matter the rarity, you can get a 'mon. If you're playing with dupes and you have all the others, you're basically going for that one

These are some of the rules that I found, and some that make sense. Again, Nuzlockes are fan made rules, so it really doesn't matter how you play, I doubt anybody will really get mad or adjust their anime glasses, and pull out the "official game freak nuzlocke rulebook". Hope this helps :)

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Ah, I'm gonna do the one per floor rule, thanks TPB!
You're welcome :)
Little bit of extra information: the “different encounters per floor” version of this rule is often called Pinwheel Clause because of Pinwheel forest having vastly different tables inside and outside.
Ah. I can add that. Thanks sixer :)