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Does it depend on HP?

If you referring Pokewalkers in SS or HG: it really depends on many watts(meaning how much you walk) and there is a requirement of how much you walk in order to reach particular land or sea. To get those rare Pokemon, it is small chance to get certain Pokemon. You can go to www.seribi.com and click Soul Silver and Heart Gold Link, then click on the right side Pokewalkers. It tells you how much watts you need and certain Pokemon chance to get.
I'm asking for the chance of catching a Pokemon when I already encountered that Pokemon and I'm throwing a Poke ball. This Serebii page ( https://www.serebii.net/heartgoldsoulsilver/pokewalker.shtml ) doesn't seem to answer my question. Can you give me a link to a page that does?
Also it's serebii.net . seribi.com redirects to this: https://dan.com/buy-domain/seribi.com?redirected=true&tld=com
It depends on how much HP the wild Pokémon has. I don't know if different Pokémon have different catch rates though.
If you don't know, why are you answering?
Because you asked ''Does it depend on HP?'' and I answered that.
But you didn't completely answer the first part of my question.

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