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To evolve Nincada into Shedinja, you need an empty slot in your party, as well as "a pokeball in your bag". Would I get Shedinja if there was a free spot in my party, but my only pokeball was a Master Ball and nothing else? And what about other pokeballs like the Great Ball or Love Ball etc?

Any answers would be appreciated, thanks! :D


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In Generation III, Shedinja instead copied the ball Nincada was in; this is the only legitimate way to get a Shedinja in a non-standard Poké Ball until Generation VIII, where Shedinja can be caught in Max Raid Battles.

So there are currently 2 ways to get Shedinja in a different kind of ball.

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...there is an extra space in the player's party and an extra Poké Ball in the player's bag.


Bulbapedia links that sentence to the Poke Ball (item) not the Poke Ball class of items. Therefore, you must have a Poke Ball -- not a Love, Master, or any other ball -- to get a Shedinja.

Hope I helped!

Can confirm, if you get your Shedinja through Nincada evolution, it will only ever come in a Poke Ball, which you must have in your bag.  I was really mad when I evolved my Nincada, but didn't have a Pokeball, only Great Balls.  Did not get a Shedinja.