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Mike said that you have to have a spare Pokeball in your bag for Shedinja to evolve. A regular Pokeball, that is. A Premier Ball is a Pokeball with a different color, so I was just wondering.

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No, it won't work because

  1. It is not the pokeball

  2. And also because of DarkTyphlosion's comment from another question about Shedinja
    He had said, specifically,

Are they pokeballs, specifically? Not great balls, not premier balls, but the original pokeball?

This implies that it definitely cannot be premier balls

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Actually, you can do this, but it's weird.
I caught Nincada in a Premier ball. When it evolved, Shedinja was also in a Premier ball.

Candle is correct otherwise, Shedinja will only appear if you have an empty slot and a Pokeball specifically, but it can appear in other balls if Nincada is in that ball, as proven by this screencap of my own Shedinja:

In Generation 3, Shedinja doesn't require an extra Poke ball and just copies Nincada's Poke ball. The question is asking about games newer than Generation 3. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shedinja_(Pok%C3%A9mon)