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I don't get the description and it barely catches pokemon when they are at low health.

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It is just a poke-ball that looks different. It has no real use another than as a normal poke-ball but it might be cooler to catch something in one of them as they are not quite as common as a normal poke-ball. (you have to buy 10 poke-balls to get 1 premier ball). So they aren't really much good, I guess thats why the marts give them away free!

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The premier ball is a 'bonus pokeball' that you recieve by purchasing 10 standard pokeballs.

The only difference between a premier ball and pokeball is that they have different skins(appearance).
There is no increased catchrate with the premier ball.

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Well, it is pretty much just a free Poke Ball. I always buy my Pokeballs in orders of 10 so I can get a free Premier Ball.

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