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It is a different Mewtwo. It was confirmed by one of the creators. I don't remember the source but the lab scenes also show Mewtwo being electrocuted by the scientists. This never happened to the original Mewtwo.
How many did they create I thought there was only 1.
As far as I know, there's only two. In my opinion, they should have just kept the original.
Yeah exactly right.
wait wait wait wait wait wait then shouldn't it be mewTHREE? and why hire a new actor unless the first one died D:

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In the first movie, mewtwo had a deep voice. His voice probably changed because he has been gone a long time and in the movie mewtwo mega evolves so yeah.

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I guess so.
I saw the part where mewtwo mega evolves im pokemon y but in pokemon x its psychic and fighting type
HIS voice? its genderless.