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You all probably know about my previous question, " why did my eevee evolve into espeon but not sylveon? Well I started over on another eevee (also a girl) and got her to full happiness on Pokemon amie and she knows carm. will she 100% evolve into sylveon?

I genuinely think that Pokemon Amie is flawed. I've seen people have all the criteria for Sylveon (2 hearts and the Fairy Move), but have got Espeon or Umbreon instead. It's highly possible that Eevee's happiness overrides its affection when evolving.

I'm posting this as a comment because it's not 100% confirmed, but just be aware that this could happen.

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Yes. Since she knows a Fairy-type move and has at least 2 / 5 Affection points, she will evolve into Sylveon the next time she levels up,

BTW, a female Eevee is pretty rare. Congrats on getting one!

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Thanks! it took me like 10 mins to find her.
10 MINS!!!!!!! it took me literally 3 hours to find an EEVEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got a female from the in-game trade at that one hotel. The chances... But now I can start an Eevee Army!!!!! Mwa hahahaha hah!
I'd say a found an Eevee after every hour. I have three female Eevees but caught at different times. Added up, I'd say it took what like 5 1/2 HOURS!!!!!
ok maybe not 10 mins maybe like 30. I wasn't keeping track of what time it was