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How do you tell Pumpkaboo sizes apart in the wild?

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Having faced Small, Average, and Large sizes, I'm having difficulties telling them apart. Is there any identifying mark/position/anything to tell what size it is, or do you just have to guess?

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There are different sizes??
Yep. Their base stats differ too; the bigger they are, the more Attack you get and the lower your Speed gets.

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Turns out the easiest identifier is it's cry. The super size is dramatically different. Much lower pitched than the others. Check the appearance tab in Pumpkaboo's Pokedex entry in-game to hear it. (it'll show up as long as you've ever seen a Pumpkaboo)

Happy hunting~

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So each size has the species call in a different pitch range?
I can't hear much of a difference between Small, Average, and Large, but Super is VERY distinct. Just open up your Pokedex and listen to hear what I mean.

Edit: It finally occurs to me that you don't only care about the Super size. I honestly can't tell the difference between the others, I'm not even sure if I've seen them in the wild yet. The only one I know for a fact can be determined is Super size due to how different its cry is.