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Although they have the same base power (90), Dragon Pulse is boosted by Clawitzer's ability Mega Launcher, up to 135 damage. But Ice Beam is effective against a much larger group of types. So what should it be?

Power or Type Coverage?

That is the question.

Shakespeare reference intended.

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Dragon pulse all the way. Many Pokemon can learn ice beam, so coverage can always be found elsewhere, but seeing as dragon pulse has such a large jump in power compared to ice beam, I think it is worth the extra damage. Even though dragons have been nerfed now, dragons are still major threats in the metagame. Both are useful so if possible, I would suggest having both, but I couldn't tell you much more without seeing your planned moveset first.

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I agree. I don't know his Clawitzer's Moveset, but both would be great.
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I say go for Ice Beam. Like you said, it has more coverage and because the fairies are going to rise in this generation I think Dragon Pulse would be a disadvantage. Ice Beam covers 4 types and is an all around great move.

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