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So basically I have Slowbro with eviolite and modest nature. I have calm mind, slack off, and psyshock running on it so my question is should I have ice beam or flamethrower as my special attack move? And if you can please explain that would be great ;)

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I meant to say eviolite.

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Well before I answer anything, the main problem I have is why you are using an Eviolite on a Slowbro, which cannot evolve any further. If you were thinking that Slowbro evolves into Slowking, it doesn't - Slowpoke evolves into it.

In terms of which move, I'd say Ice Beam offers more utility overall, because it provides more coverage. However, Flamethrower is your only option of hitting Steel Pokemon. It will really depend on what the rest of the team is - if your team doesn't worry much about Steels, than Ice Beam is your choice. Otherwise go for Flamethrower.

I'd actually go for neither of them - I would run Scald over both of them. Scald is a great STAB move - it has a 30% chance to burn the opponent, which, along with Calm Mind, turns Slowbro into a bulky monster. I'd replace Psyshock with Ice Beam or Flamethrower.

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Okay sorry. Yeah I didn't know about the evolution line XD. Thanks for the help.
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If I had to choose I would say flamethrower because it has more PP and it has more of a chance of causing burn than ice beam causing freeze. I would replace the evolutions with something else though. I would try Mewderators Idea before mine.

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Ice Beam has a 10% chance to freeze and Flamethrower has a 10% chance to burn. You must be thinking of lava plume maybe?
Okay, but I'd still suggest flamethrower.