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NOTE: This question does not help me.

Honestly, these Pokemon are creating a living hell.
The wild Pokemon here are worse than the tall grass, and not only are they, like, EVERYWHERE, two thirds of the Pokemon their have the ability Arena Trap, and the repel doesn't actually repel them, but Arena Trap overpowers the Poke Toy I was given earlier in the game.

My Pokemon are a higher level than the Pokemon there, before you start blabbing on stupidly about the Repel's mechanics.

I don't even care if I have to encounter them, I just want to be able to touch the 'Run' button so I can get out of there.

>Q. Well, why don't you just train your Pokemon there? It's a good training experience?

A. My Fire-type Pokemon wouldn't be too happy to hear that question.

Can you please help? ._.

No offense intended, but if you can't be bothered to deal with wild pokémon encounters even in just ONE route in the entire game, then why are you even playing?
^ Did you even see Route 13? There are only ever 3 Pokemon, Dugtrio, Trapinch and Gible, and if your Pokemon are high levelled, the exp. you gain is minimal. More often than not, you don't want to fight wild Pokemon because of the amount of PP they leech. Not to mention you're supposed to fight Team Flare later on, so there's no point in training against those wild Pokemon when you get more exp. from fighting Team Flare.
And it's not just a Dugtrio every minute or two, but literally every 5 steps one comes burrowing up to your face. And they still come even if you stand still, which doesn't happen anywhere else.
This route is genuinely horrible. It's worse than any cave with Zubats.
I never had any problems one-shotting any random encounter, nor beating team flare afterwards. Route 13 isn't as 'horrible' as you describe it. In fact, it's barely worth complaining about.

It's a Pokémon game. Deal with it.
'13' is an unlucky number. Just noticed that. :3
The only reason I've come to the point of complaining about this is because they have Arena Trap, so it is quite a pain. I respect your opinion (and your sheer luck to not come to the point of raging with this route. Lol. xD) but please respect mine, and stop commenting if it's not worth complaining about, since in my opinion, it is well in truly worth complaining about. :)
^ that was a nicer response than what I had planned to say.
Ha, thanks. ;)

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Yup you're right, that Q doesn't help. I went back there with higher levelled Pokemon and they still kept coming. I should change the BA on that Q.

After some experimenting, as far as I can tell, the only ways are:

a. run away (literally) from the moving bits of dirt
b. skate on the bars as much as possible
c. lead with a Pokemon with Run Away (hard to do in this game)
d. lead with a Ghost type Pokemon (I don't remember any being available before Route 13 though; Pumpkaboo is found later)
e. lead with a Flying type Pokemon to negate Arena Trap
f. give your lead Pokemon a Smoke Ball to ensure escape

I think e) is the most practical option. The easiest flying type to get at this point if you don't have one already would be Aerodactyl from Old Amber (Rock Smash needed) or any wild Fletchinder. They have good speed as well, and your probability of running away increases based on your speed. It still means you'll need to physically run away from them though, but at least Arena Trap won't be in effect.

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FYI, Drifloon can be found in the route before Ambrette Town. This matches both the Ghost and Flying type criteria. xD
Thank you :3
Oooh that's good to know for future reference. :O
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get a Pokemon, with the ability "run away." It overpowers arena trap