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Ok, the first occurrence was after the game sync for the first time. It normally saves instantly but it took two minutes. Now I just sent a Charmander to someone on wonder trade and they asked to trade again. After the second trade when I cancelled, my screens turned black and stayed that way. I tried using the power button and it worked, but the blue and green lights stayed on. Could this be a problem with my 3DS or the online settings? I know X & Y are glitchy, but I already downloaded the latest patch.

Fir stuff this serious, I would use Nintendo's Help Services on their Site man.

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It's obviously a glitch.

It can be either your system or your game. Your online settings are fine, the lights probably just stayed on after turning off because of the console.

You can try get another 3DS somehow, and if the effects fade, then it's your console that's the problem. Of course, replace. If the effects remain, obviously, replace the game.

So... yeah.
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