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Every time I try to Wonder Trade, I get a communication error and I can't seem to figure out what the problem is.

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I'm having the exact same problem Dx
I have been having this exact problem all day! Right as I started my wonderlocke too. :(
Is there a code with the communication error? If so, what is it?
This may be because of the patch released for a bug with the game. If you don't have the latest version of the game, it may stop you from going online.
If you don't download the latest patch you can't do anything attached to online.

Maybe check your router or connection? Can you access the GTS and battle spot and so on?
have you updated the game?
If he hadn't updated he wouldn't even be able to go online never mind wonder trade... Right? xD
yep, mighty mudkip.

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It is because you haven't updated your game to version 1.1.read the following steps how to update the game to version 1.1.

1)Go to nintendo e shop.
2)after nintendo e shop is fully loaded,tap the search bar and type the game what what game you have.
3)tap update.
4)wait till the update get over.
5)your done.

You might ask what is the benefit of updating,so here it is.

The update is very vague, only mentioning fixing a few bugs and making
for a smoother gameplay experience. You'll need to apply the update in
order to use any of the wireless connectivity features like the PSS,
online trading, battling, or Wonder Trades.

I might not explain properly but you look in the down bellow for proper explanation.