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I am playing Pokemon Y.

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Dedenne has superior stats to Pikachu:
Dedenne: 67 / 58 / 57 / 81 / 67 / 101
Pikachu: 35 / 55 / 40 / 50 / 40 / 90

As you can, Dedenne outclasses Pikachu is every stat. Dedenne's typing is better, being able to fare against Dragons.

However, with Pikachu's signature item, Light Ball, its Attack and Special Attack double. This is the only way Pikachu is superior. Also, Pikachu does has a slightly better movepool, having Grass Knot, ExtremeSpeed, and more moves from events.

So I would go with Dedenne unless you have Light Ball.

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Pikachu. Dedenne has better stats, but Light Ball doubles both offensive stats, which makes Pikachu a little better, and not very much slower. Plus, Pikachu can pull off a mixed set, unlike Dedenne, and has a much better movepool. Both their defenses are rubbish, so I won't compare those.

But unfortunately, it can be challenging to get a Light Ball. If you don't want to encounter a million wild Pikachu looking for one, just use Dedenne, as 50/50 offenses are not up to par, and Dedenne has 81 special attack.

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Theoretically you could have a Light Ball Pikachu after about 20 encounters.
Theoretically you could have a Light Ball Pikachu after about one encounter. I think you only have a 26.41% chance of encountering a Pikachu with a Light Ball after 20 encounters, but I could be wrong, since I somehow forgot which binomcdf function to use.
In Gen 4-5, Wild pikachu's have a 5% chance of holding a Light Ball, so in theory you'd have one after about 20 encounters unless you're lucky.

That said, i  don't know if it's still 5% in gen 6.
Not how probability works. :/
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