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In Pokemon X I was On Route 5, Happily coming back to retrieve HM 01 when all of a sudden while I was on the bottom row of bushes closest to Camphrier Town, and suddenly, A wild Moltres appeared after a black screen with white gleaming scratches of light twirling across the screen. So what Happened?! And to Make it clear, I didn't do anything and It fled! So can someone tell Me WHY it appeared in the first place? And Why did It Flee, when I could of Caught it?

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It will flee 10 times in total from you like that. Then, go to Terminus Cave, where Moltres will be waiting for you.

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one more thing, do I have to be in the Exact same place for it to appear again?
No, its roaming.
I think you need to encounter it 12 times, not 10 times.