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I've unlocked Black writ and it was awesome at first, tons of trainers and all stronger than Silver writ trainers. But now for the past 2 days, I'm still spending 300K for the Black writ but I'm not being flooded with battles anymore and at least HALF of them are low level Baron's. At first I used to get mostly Duke's, Duchess' and gym/elite 4 trainers with lvl. 70 and above Pokemon. I still do but it's not nearly as often. Why is the game doing this suddenly? I went back to sending the Silver writ and it works perfectly as it should, Black writs are the only ones coming half assed.

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What does 'writ' mean, exactly?

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From my personal experience I've found that it sort of resets or goes in a cycle. Low Barons-Grand Duchess and then back.

This process speeds up the longer you stay at the Chateau battling people and if you even let one escape let's say that afteer 5 hours you return and everyone has changed then you might have to start all over since you weren't battling anyone and the movement in the Chateau continued.

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