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After battles, when my Pokemon levels up, it gains 2 in attack and other times after battles and it levels up it gains 3 in attack. Why does it change?

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What do u mean
Sometimes it gains 3 in attack when it levels up, and other times it only gains 2. Why?

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Your Pokemon is working its way towards it's level 100 stats, so the stats are gradually added each level until it gets there, the problem is if you averaged out the amount of stats you'd get over the levels it has left to go, you wouldn't get a whole number, in your case, the number is somewhere between 2 and 3 for it's attack. Since it would be messy for it gain 2.35 every level instead sometimes you it 2 and others 3.

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the stats gianed when leveling up are set so that at level 100 the stats will be correctly in line with EVs IVs and nature. however all the levels in-between don't all ways have even distribution of the stats. If it did stay the same every level up all Pokemon would have 100, 200, or 300 in every stat.

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