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What's the meaning of 255 EVs ?

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What's the point that the max EV in one stat is 255 when with 252 you have reached the max stats ?

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In informatics, 255 is some kind of holy number
It means that you wasted 1 stat point on your beloved pokemon.

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It is 255 because that allows for 256 values (0-255). Although it may seem random, 256 is actually a round number in computers because it is a power of 2 (2^8 to be exact).

But because 4 EVs make 1 stat point, you can't use all 255, that's why there are some left over. What you need to do is save those 3 EVs and put them towards something else.

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Pokemon earn EV's when they beat another pokemon. Different pokemon give yours different Ev's. When your pokemon levels up, the amount of EVs that it has gotten will affect how much each stat will go up. If a pokemon has a max of 255 EV's, then that stat can't earn more than that while battling.

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