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I don't understand how you could get 255 EVs. Can someone explain? :3

And I'm asking about how you could get 255 EVs, not 252.

And one more thing, it says here that you can get 255 EVs in one stat

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The other answers are wrong. Yes you can get 255 EVs in one stat. The thing is, the extra 3 above 252 are worthless as each 4 EVs makes one point on your stats.

There is also an overall maximum of 510. So if you have 2 stats and get 255 EVs in each you hit the 510 limit and get 63 points on each of those 2 stats (with 3 EVs wasted on each stat). But if you only get to 252 EVs on each stat, that's 504 total, meaning there are 6 EVs left where you can get 1 extra point somewhere.

Note that 2 EVs are always wasted, whatever EV spread you have.

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You mean to say 252 right?

Yeah, that is the maximum amount of EV's that you can put in a stat.
This raises the stats by 63 stat points. After investing 252 EV's in a
stat, the stat is officially maxed out, after a beneficial nature.
Just EV train a lot and get the 252 EV's in one stat.

About 255:

Since every 4 EV's equal one stat point, there is no point in putting 255 EV's in one stat. Instead, putting 252 makes room for 4 EV's in another stat. The 3 EV's are then just gone and cannot be used.

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No, he means 255. And BTW, I just passed you :P