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Just wanted to know, my main flying type was Hawlucha and they wouldn't allow it.


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Bulbapedia currently has a semi-complete list, which is the best one I could find:

Sky Battle - eligible Pokemon

Emolga isn't on that list, but it can also be used in sky battles.

The theory behind Hawlucha not being allowed is because it uses its hands/claws to fight, and therefore can't keep itself airborne while fighting.

Thanks fondant! But then again, Hawlucha is weak to flying, so maybe they did it to make it easier for Hawlucha Trainers.
Just looked back at the list, GYARADOS CAN FLY?!?! Makes me think they made it Water/Flying for a reason.
That's not it; Jumpluff, Vespiquen, Butterfree, Scyther, Masquerain, Carnivine et al. are weak to flying as well.
And as for Gyarados, I don't understand why they included it when Gengar is not included, most likely because it loses Levitate when it Mega-evolves, and Gyarados loses its Flying typing when Mega-evolving.
Actually, if the pokemon is shown flying in its animation, it's allowed in sky battles. Source: Experience