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What move did Mimikyu use?
It is actually a glitch

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That's how Substitute works. The user disappears and a substitute takes its place.

There was no sub. I mean mimikyu was invisable. And stayed that way as I kilt the rest of his team.(braviary was red carded when sky drop droped mimikyu). And only when braviary was brought back out and damaged mimikyu did it become visible again.
I'd like to explain a little further. The battle started, braviary moved first and used sky drop. I (my shiny mimikyu) was in the air and I used subistute. When braviary droped mimikyu it was invisable, it's disguise was broken braviary was red carded. I took down his other pokemon mimikyu also was damaged. It was only when braviary was brought back out and damaged mimikyu that it was visible again. Im sure it was just a glitch. Sadly I did not think to stop and save video. It just made me worry.I don't like things glitching makes me worry about my over 300 hours of play.
Sounds like you uncovered a bug and a resulting graphical glitch.  You should not have been able to use Substitute /at all/ while being held in the air by Sky Drop.  Somehow, your Mimikyu successfully did so.

The question is what exactly caused it.  Needs testing to determine.  Was it because Disguise was unbroken?  Is Substitute bugged?
Do not worry about your 300 hours of gameplay. If this is indeed a graphical glitch/error, it should not cause any problems unless there is a wider underlying issue with your game causing it (unlikely).