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I got a japanese growlithe trough wondertrade, so the first thing that I wanted to do, was getting a shiny Arcanine. So the first thing I did was making it a Arcanine and breeding it with a ditto (from my country) so I could get a Arcanine from my country to do the Matsuda method with a japanese ditto, but after a lot (and I mean a lot) of eggs nothing has happend.
So my question is: Can you still do the Masuda method with a Pokemon that has a japanese mom/dad

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If I'm understanding you correctly, your Arcanine was bred on your game, and you have a Japanese Ditto as well. In which case, yes that's fine. It makes no difference if the Arcanine's parent was a different language, the Arcanine is in your language now.

But let's clear up some misunderstandings you might have:

  • You don't need to evolve a Pokemon to Arcanine for it to breed. Growlithe can breed just fine. (The only except is Pokemon classed as "baby Pokemon" like Pichu, there is a list of them on this page.)
  • The Masuda method works when one parent is your language and one is from a different language game. It doesn't have to be American Growlithe and Japanese Ditto, you can use the Japanese Growlithe and American Ditto that you had at the start.
  • The Masuda Method only increases the chance to 1/1365 which is still pretty rare. When you say "I mean a lot" I bet you mean 100 eggs, but you might need over 1000 eggs before you get a shiny.
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I thought the question said that the Growlithe was evolved into an Arcanine? But I just realised that when you evolve a Pokemon in a different language game, their evolved form takes the name in the language the same as your game.
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Masuda method simply increases the chances of obtaining a shiny via breeding from 1/8192 to 1/1365; there's no guarantee of getting a shiny. You're still going to need to hatch a lot of eggs until you get a shiny.

If you don't want to hatch so many eggs, you can soft reset, which is saving just before you get the egg, and when it hatches into a non-shiny, press the "Home" button on your 3DS and go back to your game and repeat the process.

Masuda Method