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If so, what are they?

It's also already known that Struggle does not trigger Protean.


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I think that struggle is the only move to not trigger protean because it deals typeless damage. Apparently, if you hack the move onto a moveset, it will appear as a Normal-type move, but it affects all types equally. So, I think that the reason Protean does not activate is because this is considered a typeless attack.

All other moves, if I am not mistaken, have types. So, as long as Protean is active when the move is used, then the type should switch to the type of the move.

Here, it says that the only move that does not affect Protean is Struggle:

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The only other typeless move is Curse in Gen IV
I think you mean Gen VI; Curse is classified as a Ghost type move, but yea I guess it's the same as Struggle in that regard.
Also, I get your logic, but to be honest I'd like some evidence...
No, in HeartGold/SoulSilver Curse's type is ???