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Pretty straight forward question. If there aren't any, please let me know.

You could technically argue that all status moves don't get STAB, even from Libero and Protean, since they don't do any damage so there's no "attack bonus" or multiplier to be applied.

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As they can become any type (except typeless and Shadow), they get STAB on every move. If you mean legitimately, for Pokemon that get the Ability:

Protean (Keckleon and the Froakie line) do not learn Fairy moves, so they can't get STAB on Fairy moves.
Libero (Cinderace line) do not learn any Grass, Water, Ice, Dragon, or Fairy moves, so they can't get STAB on moves of those types.

...the user will receive same-type attack bonus on every move it uses (except Struggle)


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So it even gets STAB on struggle?
Okay. Thanks.
You're welcome!
Does not getting STAB from moves like Flying Press (which also does Flying type damage) count because it would just be Fighting type, and therefore not get STAB on the Flying damage?
Technically you can't get STAB from the Flying side of Flying Press at all, so does it really count?