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Serebii just says 'Mulch to be used in a berry field.' Doesn't specify what will the mulch do.....
BTW, I thought you have to put in 3 berries? The how do you get Amaze Mulch by putting in only 2 berries? (The Kee and Maranga berries)


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>Effect of Amaze Mulch: "Has the effects of the other three Mulches in one. It increases your Berry harvest, dries out the soil, and makes mutations more likely."

Unless you can't read quotes, you would have read that the Amaze Mulch increases your Berry Harvest, dries out the soil and makes mutations more likely. :3

And for your second question, this li'l quote makes your answer:
>Berry Fields composter (using one Maranga or Kee Berry and two other Berries)
So... yeah. You just need two more random berries to create Amaze Mulch. :D

Hope I helped. :)
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My second question refers to the composter....Serebii says put 3 berries in the composter to produce Mulch, but putting in 1 Kee+1 Maranga berry=2 berries put in only. So how to MAKE Amaze Mulch?
Sorry for misreading the question - I've edited the correct thingy. :3