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To get to Pokemon village you have to go to snowbelle city and from there head to the 'winding woods". There you will find a trail that leads you too the Pokemon village.:)

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once you enter the winding woods,go straight down past the big rock covered in moss,next you go left until you reach an opening with two twins who will want to battle you,then once your finished battling take the path past them that goes up. You should end up in a clearing with a blond little girl walking around who wants to battle,once your done take the path that goes down past her. You should end up in a clearing with a single tree. Behind that tree is a path that goes down,lastly take that path and head straight down and you should see a gray trail that leads you too the left towards a bright light. Once you pass through there that is were Pokemon village is. I found it right away but I hope this helps! :)