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i have a Magican braixen that im gonna IV breed, when im dne, would you like one?

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To get a Fennekin with Magician, you must catch a Braixen with the ability from the Fire type Friend Safari and breed it. The baby Fennekin has a 70% chance of having Magician.

Of course, if your intent is to evolve Fennekin into Delphox, it doesn't matter if you use the Braixen you caught or a baby Fennekin you bred.

To get a Magician Klefki, you must encounter a horde of Klefki (which appear on Route 15 and the Lost Hotel, but they are rare). The Klefkis in the horde battle have a chance of having the Magicin ability.

Um... I think that it's 60% not 70%