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So Arca here. I was planning a Rain Team for Pokémon Y and instantly thought of dishing in some great Tornadus-T and Thundurus-T for spamming respectively STAB Hurricane and Thunder.

So can I get them in X & Y by any way bar using malevolent devices and Pokedit ?
This would be a great addition to my planned team. Or otherwise, I'll have to merely block on Jolteon.


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Wait for the Pokebank to be released next month. Or wait until GameFreak releases an event for them.

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Wait a sec... This means Poké-Bank will enable me of transferring Therians from their Therian form or not ?
And I  cannot get events, sadly. Except if it is worldwide. 'cuz I am Lebanese.
No, I believe Reflection Cave will let you do that, as they do reference Therian forms there.
Oh, then thank you very much :)