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What are each of the therian forms based on? I think that the therian Tornadus is based on Ho-Oh or Lugia, but I have no idea about Thundurus and Landorus' therian forms. Can anyone help me?

Why would they be based off of other pokemon?

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They wouldn't be based on other Pokemon; why would they be? New generations try to vary their designs from previous generations, and each region has its own legends, so there's not really much basis on a Pokemon being based on previous Pokemon.

e.g. Zorua and Fennekin are both fox like Pokemon, but they're based on foxes, not each other.

I don't see your logic on Tornadus-T being based on Lugia/ Ho-oh; by aesthetics they look nothing alike.

In any case:

therian: a mammal of the major group Theria, which comprises the marsupials and placentals.


Theria: a major group of mammals that comprises the marsupials and placentals.

Their original forme is called the Incarnate forme:

Incarnate: (esp. of a deity or spirit) embodied in flesh; in human form

So Therian formes are more animal like and Incarnate formes are more human like. Tornadus looks like a bird, Thundurus looks like a snake/ dragon, and Landorus looks like some feline creature.

Bulbapedia on form differences

(those dictionary definitions came from the dictionary on my Mac)

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