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does anyone know anything about it?

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The only information known is that the only way to get them is through a new game called Pokemon AR Searcher http://serebii.net/arsearcher/

Tornadus is said to have more of a focus on the defensive and speed stats.
Thundurus is said to have more of a focus on Special Attack.
Landorus is said to have more of a focus on Attack.

^What these three things mean is not fully known. It is safe to assume stat rises in the mentioned stats, but it is not known if stat decreases will also follow this. It is also not known if the stats mentioned will be the only ones increased or if they will just be the ones to get a huge stat boost.

Considering how Landorus looks, it has been speculated that its Flying type will be removed. It is also speculated that the other forms will have a type change to go along with this.

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It has been released that in Black 2 and White 2 there is going to be a mirror-like item which can transform the Sacred Beast Forms back to the Incarnation Forms. The abilities for the Sacred Beast Forms have also been released. Tornadus receives Regenerator, Thundurus receives Volt Absorb, and Landorus receives Intimidate.

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yes some how in black/white2 the have different forms called incarnate form and in those forms im nearly positive they will have different stats and their hidden abilities! But im pretty sure the only way you can get the incarnate forms is through the app pokemon dream radar.
tornaduses new ability will probably be defiant and so will thunderuses.
now landoruses will be sheer force.