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I have kept on searching but I don't know how to get eggs on Pokemon X.

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Leave two Pokemon of the opposite gender that are in the same egg group at the daycare center which is on route 7. To collect your egg talk to the person outside the daycare. Ditto can also breed with any gender or egg group, except for legendaries. The only legendary ditto can breed with is Manaphy to get Phione. Ditto can be found in the friend safari.
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ditto can also be found in pokemon village, not just friend safaris
What is the friend safari?
When you've beaten the E4 then you'll get a card to Kiloude City, there is the Friend Safari. Btw You'll need a lot of friends ;)
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You have to breed Pokemon with the same egg group in route 7. If you want to know more about breeding press this. The undiscovered group (Mostly legendaries and baby Pokemon that can´t breed) with each other but they can with Ditto. You find ditto in Pokemon Village and Friend Safari.

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You will have to breed Pokemon to get an egg. If you don't know how just comment and I will tell you.