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All of the eggs I've gotten in trades already had nicknames (For example, one of my eggs I got in a trade was named Geodude lol). But when they hatch, you can rename it. What's going on?? The Pokemon that hatched from the Egg didn't cause any glitch or anything in my game. However, I DID Wonder Trade it off the second it hatched...

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I'd say those are hacked eggs.
Yeah, I bet they were.

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This is definitely a hack. There is no way you can legally nickname your Pokemon. Sorry.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Experience. xD

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There are no hacks yet in X/Y, FYI.
Apparently the game has been hacked, because people are getting Mystery Eggs (which are like Bad Eggs) via Wonder Trade.
Holy crap really?
That is the news on tumblr right now. Not confirmed, but that's what's spreading about Wonder Trade.
Not to sound rude, but anyone can hack at any time if they're experienced enough, silly li'l Jaja. The hacks just haven't gone viral yet. x3
Yeah, I think I got a Mystery Egg, but how can the game get hacked in the first place?
It's on the front page of the DB: "Several new Pokémon and forms have been discovered by 3DS hacker 'Smealum'."
3DS games were just notoriously difficult to hack, and were labelled as impossible to hack. But really, given enough time and boredom, plus intelligence helps too, anyone can hack anything.