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he has max affection in Pokemon aime, but the move tutor still says his bond isnt strong enough with me yet. have I done anything wrong?


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He doesn't need max affection, he needs max happiness. As in, the same mechanic that has been around since Gold and Silver. So give him a soothe bell, some vitamins, and walk around a lot. He should get there sooner or later.

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Aha! Thanks. I Thought walking and soothe bells and other ways to increase happiness was just replaced by aime and that was the only way to get high friendship. is there any People that can rate the bond between you and your pokemons in x y as dr footstep and daisy and bianca did in the other generations
yea I think quite a few people have thought that. But they are definitely separate mechanics. I think the happiness checker is in the pokemon fan club in Laverre City, if memory serves.