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The title says it all. I know of 100% crit. kingdra using draco meteor , but in doubles, you can use spinda to not only do that, but skill swap contrary on to her for even more sweeping potential! it also makes her other moves more useful rather being useless. one fairy type makes it switch out.

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Yea... but why would you do that when Kingdra has Sniper to deal x1.5 of the normal damage, which means you won't have to:

  1. waste a turn setting up and
  2. have a Pokemon with really poor stats like Spinda on your team?

Furthermore, if this is doubles, why don't you have something with Water Absorb next to Kingdra, so it can use Surf and crit both your opponents Pokemon without dealing damage to your own?

You don't even need Contrary? Because the stat drop from Draco Meteor is ignored when you deal a critical hit.

So for the amount of set up you need from a really rubbish Pokemon like Spinda (stat wise anyway), you might as well give Kingdra proper support, like something that can use Wide Guard/ Quick Guard/ Follow Me, or Drizzle Politoed so Surf will deal more damage.