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Like using items and (teammates in double battles).

Using Spacial rend


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In Gen 7, there are 4 critical hit ratios:

  • +0, with a 1/24 chance
  • +1, with a 1/8 chance
  • +2, with a 1/2 chance
  • +3, with a 100% chance

Spacial Rend already has a high-crit ratio, raising it to +1. To get it to +3, you can either use Z-Sleep Talk, give it a Lansat Berry and wait for Palkia’s health to get low enough for it to use it, or use another Pokémon to Baton Pass a boost from Focus Energy.


Sorry for commenting on an old thread, but you can also Skill Swap Super Luck onto Palkia, and let its held item be a Scope Lens for a +3 critical hit ratio.