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So, over the GTS I got a few of the starters originally from Shauna and they all had the same Natures (for each species), and I'm wondering if all of them have those Natures.

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Are you referring to hidden abilities such as Delphox's Magician?
I don't get what you're asking... could you possibly rephrase the question?
I'm not sure what he meant by optimal, but I hope my answer gives him the info he needed.
Whoops, I meant Nature.
Well I have no idea then. I bred and released the one she gave me because of the nickname.
Yeah...They got stupid nicknames.

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Nope, the original starter Pokemon's nature is completely randomized like normal. But the one you get post-game from Shauna will have a set nature, Chespin Adamant, Fenniken Modest, and Froakie Jolly. Not optimal imo, but that's my opinion.

Source: Experience and here.

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whether or not those are best natures the starters can get is debatable, but these natures are certainly decent for them.
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If you are referring to hidden abilities such as Delphox with Magician, it is likely that these people obtained those Pokemon from the friend safari. Here is the Serebii page on Friend Safaris if you don't know what they are. And here is the bulbapedia page. Bulbapedia goes a bit more in depth, but I suggest reading both of those pages if you don't know what it is.