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Powder moves with priority and covers the target in a powder that lasts for the rest of the current turn only. It damages the target if they use a Fire type move in that turn, and prevents the Fire move from working. http://pokemondb.net/move/powder

But how much does it damage the target? I've been wondering this for a while!

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So far all that's known is that it depends on how powerful the fire attack is.
Serebii goes so far as to say that it: "damages Pokémon by ?? if they use a Fire-type move in the turn hit by this attack". Well, that is certainly (not) useful.
Lol ikr, if they had more I'dv had this thing answer by now <.>
I plan to test this tomorrow. :)
Out of all honesty, I believe that it does the same percentage of damage as for all Pokemon.
EDIT: I tested this, it always does the same. Sorry Mr K. ;)

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25% of targets HP.


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I see people leaving answers in the comments. .-.

Powder will do damage like confusion, except the power of the powder explosion relies on the fire type move's Base power. While confusion relies on how high your attack Stat is and how low your defence is.

I just edumakated you on Confusion and powder.

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