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Where do I get them and how much do they cost? I can't seem to find a box of them online, and my cousin wants a box of them for Christmas.

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You will be able to buy Pokémon Rumble U NFC Figures from GameStop locations around the country. When you buy one, you'll be experiencing a big aspect of the game world in real life!

Comes from the official website: http://www.pokemonrumble.com/RumbleU/en/nfc/

I'll see if there's a price listed.

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So I'll have to buy them individually? That's rather disappointing...  -_-
Yeah, although most stores have deals for where you can like, buy two get second at 50% discount. You may be lucky enough to score that kind of deal. If not well, my wallet feels for ya :/
Are they still offering a White/Black Kurem if you buy the code at Gamestop or is that over/ depend on the store?