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Hello everyone, I am back.!
I received my next bootleg copy of Pokemon for my son, and when I opened this pack I almost cried!

Out of 24 I only can't figure out 1, but this isn't why I almost cried.
a lot of the colors are off, not just a little but TOOOOO much, so much that I am questioning if there are Pokemon that might just look like this that I don't know about..

my images are not showing up again!!! so here are the links.. sorry

so let me start off with this one, that I am not sure of what it is.. I know i've seen it before but I am unsure if the name.

here are the most off ones,
if I am wrong please let me know, but I am assuming I am correct..:







I didn't throw in the hot pink chancy or the bright blue nidoran.. but out of these 24 maybe 6 were normal... 5 even..

i was obviously upset by this and my son saw it, so I am in a stage of trying to convince him that he has the cool one of a kind Pokemon that are hard to catch... because he is a Pokemon trainer, and ....goes to Pokemon school now...

That first one is a Nuzleaf. Probably the most bastardized Nuzleaf ever.
Some of the miscolourings might represent shiny forms, e.g. green Misdreavus and blue Nidoran. It may be worth checking dex entries for each of the Pokémon — this site has shiny sprites to compare with, for example.

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The first one is a miscolored Nuzleaf

The second one is a most likely Dewgong, since they don't put many effort in the coloring, it could be Seel's mouth too that isn't colored, though, I'd put my first thought in Dewgong, and that's probably the right one

The third one is a miscolored Palpitoad

The fourth one is a shiny Misdreavus

The fifth one is a miscolored Seedot (not sure if you know it, but you should tell it's Nuzleaf's pre-evolution to your child)

The sixt one is a Mega Charizard Y, this one doesn't look too off, since it's normal appearance in color is orange, and a sandish like belly color (Tell your child this is a very powerful Pokémon!)

The seventh one is a RBY colored Tentacool, although, it has red on it's bulb.

You got 5 out of 7 right!

That's all.

But terrible toys.
That person spoilt my favourite nuzleaf
Yeah these are fake, wasting money :/
At least their shape is good and just miss-painted, but still
That's what I'm talking about SYL